Your Toyota is there when you need it with Brake Assist support

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What is Toyota Brake Assist?

Toyota Brake Assist is a built in, passive safety feature included in the Toyota Star Safety System designed to offer support in the event of emergency braking. According to a study performed by Toyota, nearly half of all drivers don’t step on their vehicle’s brakes hard enough or quickly enough to completely stop the vehicle in the event of an emergency. That’s where Toyota Brake Assist comes in.

The Toyota Brake Assist is able to detect the driver attempting to make a panic stop. When this occurs, it supports the driver in braking, adding more power to the brakes.

When you’re in a situation that requires emergency braking, you’re likely to quickly step down on your brake. Brake Assist is able to detect panic braking based on the force that is applied to the brake pedal and how fast the driver is stepping on the pedal. When that happens, the system is able to recognize your sudden braking and apply additional pressure to the brakes.

Once you’ve come to a stop, Brake Assist will lessen the braking power and regulate the brakes after you release your foot from the brake. After that, you’re able to drive your vehicle normally.

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Toyota Star Safety System

Toyota Star Safety System is a collection of safety features that are available as standards in most Toyota vehicles. These passive safety features work behind the scenes in your vehicle, to provide superior safety behind the wheel. While these features may not be the most obvious, you’ll be happy to know that they’re there when you need them.

Along with Brake Assist, the Toyota Star Safety System also features Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Smart Stop Technology, Anti-Lock Brake System and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution.

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Get behind the wheel

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