At Don Jacobs Toyota you won’t just find a stunning inventory of new Toyota cars, but you will also find a reliable inventory of pre-owned Toyota cars as well. The negative stigma that surrounds used cars is often due to having misinformation or gross misconceptions on what it means to get a used car from auto dealerships. At Don Jacobs Toyota you will find that our used inventory is in as good condition as our new vehicles and that there are many pros to buying a used Toyota SUV or car from Don Jacobs Toyota.

Why Buy Pre-Owned at Don Jacobs Toyota?

Pros of Buying Used

 Although our new inventory is second to none, our inventory of previously owned Toyota cars reaps many benefits. If you buy a used Toyota SUV or car from us you will find that you can save yourself thousands of dollars. You can save even more money through our Toyota finance center by trading in and putting the value towards the price of your used Toyota vehicle. You will also find that our used Toyota inventory boasts many different choices. Buying a used Toyota car means that you will be able to afford higher trim levels, which means you will have access to premium and luxury features that you may not normally by able to afford on a new vehicle.

If you are in Franklin, WI or any of the surrounding areas, our Toyota dealers will be able to give a thorough rundown of our used inventory and how you can get a used car that is well below the budget you have set for yourself during the car shopping process.

Our Used Inventory

You can stay within your budget and enjoy the technologically advanced luxuries of a 2015 Toyota RAV4 LE. Available in many different colors, you will find that this vehicle looks and drives brand new. All of our used vehicles have low mileage and come packed with premium, high-quality features for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a new vehicle. We even have the latest model years in our used lineup, so even if you don’t want a 2017 model, you will be able to find it in our used inventory.

To come see the used inventory at Don Jacobs Toyota in person then make your way to the Franklin area by visiting 5727 South 27th St.