Don Jacobs Toyota Service Specials

Chance to win $10,000

Stuff Your Stockings
Not Applicable

Tire Rebate

Up to a $75 Rebate
Not Applicable


Not Applicable


$10 OFF
Not Applicable

10% OFF

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

Conventional Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Conventional Oil Change and Tire Rotation

4-Wheel Alignment

$20 OFF
  • Check tire tread condition and adjust tire air pressure
  • Check and adjust camber, caster, and toe-in to factory specifications (as applicable)
  • Road test vehicle
  • Multi-point inspection complimentary

Variable Discount

Parts & Service Discount
Variable Parts & Service Discount 
  • $10.00 off when you purchase $50.00 - $99.99
  • $20.00 off when you purchase $100.00 - $199.99
  • $30.00 off when you purchase $200.00 - $299.99
  • $40.00 off when you purchase $300.00 - $399.99
  • $50.00 off when you purchase $400.00 or more

Valid on all Toyota models

Complimentary Battery Check
Check main 12V battery for proper operation Receive diagnostic results of battery health check

Tire Special

Tire Price Match & Roadside Assistance
Price Match on OEM and OEA tires.  Roadside assistance included with purchase.

AC Refresh Service

$15 OFF
The Toyota A/C Refresher Service is a two-part process that  uses the Toyota A/C Power Foam to scrub the inside of the evaporator core and the Toyota ConditionAire Refresher to  help restore the fresh smell to A/C ducts and vents. The A/C  Power Foam inside the evaporator core returns to a liquid  state and then flows out the drain tube, taking the odor-  causing contaminants with it. The Toyota ConditionAire  product is applied through the fresh air intake vent, so it  can circulate throughout the entire system to help restore  air quality.
  1. Cleans evaporator core 
  2. Deodorizes intake vents
  3. Leaves air-conditioning system clean & fresh


Complimentary Alignment Check
Check alignment of all four wheels (if applicable) Inspect tread wear Print-out of inspection results and service recommendations

$15.00 Off

Happy Hour Special
Happy Hour Express Maintenance - $15.00 off any maintenance package between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Monday – Friday only)