Toyota Camry locking itself

July 30th, 2015 by

Why won’t my Camry unlock?

If you’re experiencing troubles with the locks on your Toyota Camry, there may be problems with your car’s central locking system. Issues with your car’s central locking system can lead to your Camry locking itself and/or not unlocking when you use your key or key fob. If you’re having problems with your Toyota Camry locking itself or not unlocking, we have a solution that may help.

Why won’t my Camry unlock?, interiorFor starters, you will need to find a way into your vehicle. There are multiple ways to break into your own car. Though it is often very time consuming, many choose to use wire or a coat hanger through the window to unlock the door from the inside. This method is generally the least damaging to your car as opposed to attempting to jimmy the locks.

The problem with a Camry that locks by itself and refuses to unlock lies in its central locking system. This particular problem is often caused by the lock on the driver’s door being stuck. The stuck lock is what causes the initial problem of your car refusing to unlock.

With a stuck driver lock, the door is sending a constant “lock” signal to your Camry’s central locking system, which causes it to automatically lock by itself.

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After finding a way inside of your car, you can then disconnect your car’s central locking system wiring from the lock. This stops it from locking your car’s other doors. Then you can check out why the lock is sticking in your Camry.

You can investigate yourself by removing your door’s inside trim, which blocks access to the lock. This is done by removing the screws and clips around the trim’s edge. The problem may be as easy a fix as tightening one of the lock’s control rods, however it may be a more pressing issue. Overall, we think everyone’s lucky that its a Toyota Camry and not a 1958 Plymouth Fury!

If you don’t feel comfortable performing the fix on your own, feel free to bring it in here at Don Jacob’s Toyota. Our professional, Toyota-trained staff will be happy to take a look at any of the problems your car is experiencing and fix them to the best of our ability. If you’d like to make an appointment for a service or fix, feel free to contact us here on our website or by phone.