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How to get Toyota Entune to play videos

With the Toyota Entune multimedia system, drivers are easily able to manage their infotainment apps without taking their eyes from the road or their hands from the wheel. It has made staying connected while driving easier and safer. With the system, drivers are able to access their messages, place phone calls, listen to music and more. While you’re car may come to a stop, entertainment with Toyota Entune doesn’t have to. If you’re stuck waiting in your Toyota vehicle, you may be interested to learn how to get Toyota Entune to play videos.

A lot of Toyota drivers don’t even know that their vehicles are able to play videos on their screen. New Toyota vehicles upgraded with the Entune App Suite features a CD player that can also functions as an in-dash DVD player.

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How to get Toyota Entune to play videos

It’s a no-brainer that driving while watching a video would be very dangerous. But to ensure nobody gets any
“bright” ideas, Toyota has programmed its vehicles to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Videos will not work on the Entune system while the Toyota is in drive. The video screen becomes available on the Entune system when the vehicle is in park with the parking brake engaged.

Entune is designed to prevent distraction-free driving, which is why it’s no surprise that it wouldn’t allow videos while driving. However, if you’re waiting in your car to meet a friend or need a break from driving on a road trip, feel free to pull over and enjoy this entertaining feature.

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With Entune, drivers have access to a versatile list of amenities directly in their vehicle. You can access your multimedia and mobile devices without having to compromise your safety. Point of interest search, audio streaming, hands-free voice navigation and more is available for drivers with the Entune system.

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of a Toyota model with the Entune system, check out our inventory. If you see any models that catch your eye, contact us here at Don Jacobs Toyota and we’ll schedule an appointment for a test drive.

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