Towing With the Tundra

March 11th, 2015 by

How The Toyota Tundra is Able to Tow 10,500 lbs

We often talk about the strength that the Toyota Tundra offers, but we typically don’t tell you how the Toyota Tundra is able to tow 10,500 lbs and handle a payload of 2,080 lbs. It is a mixture of a powerful engine, strong body and superior mixture of suspension, wheelbase and axle ratio.


The engine that offers the maximum towing capability for the Toyota Tundra is available on the base model, the 34.6 L V8. It creates 310 horsepower and 327 lb-ft. of torque at 3400 RPM. The fact that the engine offers that power at a low RPM rating is a large part of why it is able to tow so much. Low end torque makes it easier to get moving with heavy loads.


The body is straightforward. It offers the durability to get through a work day and handle the stresses involved in pulling heavy loads. Along with this is a heavy duty suspension. If it weren’t for this, the effects of a heavy payload or trailer would result in compression of the suspension and a reduced travel. This ultimately leads to a decrease in performance and comfort.

Wheelbase/Axle Ratio

A wide wheelbase allows a truck to tow longer trailers and keep them stable at higher speeds. The Tundra offers a base of 145.7-inches, wider than most other base model pickups out there. Also important, is the axle ratio, the higher the ratio, the more the engine revs and offers power to the wheels. With the tow package, the Tundra has a ratio of 4.30, making it easier to get moving with a heavy load.

Each trim offers similar specifications for axle ratios and wheelbases so that no matter which trim you want, you’ll be able to find the same great power. With the Toyota Tundra, there is no wrong choice when you’re looking for a pickup to tow with.

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