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Toyota Pre-collision System with Pedestrian Detection

Safety is always key in providing a quality drive. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, which is why Toyota has worked hard to create significant advancements in vehicular safety. One of their latest and best developments on that front is its Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. Here at Don Jacobs Toyota, we’ll go over the Toyota Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and how it works.

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The Toyota Pre-collision System with Pedestrian Detection is a useful safety feature available in Toyota models that feature the Toyota Safety Sense system. Toyota Safety Sense is a system of active safety features designed to assist the driver in avoiding accidents in certain circumstances. The Pre-Collision system functions using a camera integrated into the top of your windshield and a radar sensor which is able to detect certain things in your vehicle’s path.

While a pre-collision system isn’t all that special with today’s technology, what really sets Toyota’s apart is its Pedestrian Detection system. In addition to being able to detect vehicles ahead of the vehicle, your Toyota’s pre-collision system is also designed to detect any pedestrians that may walk out in front of your vehicle.

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Using millimeter-wave radar and a single-lens camera sensor, your vehicle, when equipped with Pedestrian Detection offers early detection of pedestrians thanks to the camera’s recognition data. It also features a near-infrared-ray projector to assist in nighttime detection of pedestrians.

toyota pedestrian detection system radar camera sensorWhen system detects a pedestrian crossing in front of the vehicle, it will alert the driver with an audio and visual alert. If the driver doesn’t react quick enough, the vehicle’s automated braking will kick in and begin braking the vehicle automatically, helping the driver avoid a collision.

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Get Pedestrian Detection in your vehicle

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