How it works: Toyota Lane Departure Alert

November 20th, 2015 by

Toyota Lane Departure Alert

New to the Toyota line, the Lane Departure Alert is a safety feature designed to help prevent accidents that may occur due to inattentive driving. The technology in the vehicle is able to detect when the vehicle is about to deviate from its lane and warn the driver. This features is especially handy in high-traffic areas such as highways where lane deviation can lead to serious accidents.

Available in select new Toyota vehicles, the Lane Departure Alert uses a camera that’s integrated in your vehicle to detect visible white and yellow lane markers in front of your vehicle as well as the vehicle’s position on the road.

When the system senses that the vehicle is starting to leave its lane, it gives the driver an audio and visual alert.

How it works

When you’re driving your Toyota vehicle, and have achieved a speed above 32 mph on a relatively straight road and have the Lane Depart Alert System turned on, the vehicle’s camera is able to detect the lane markings. With the model’s informational display above the steering wheel, between the gauges shows when the visible lines have been detected. From this screen you can also turn this safety system on and off.

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When not in use, the inside of the lane lines on the screen will be empty, but when the lines have been detected, they will be filled in with white. After it has detected the lines, if the system detects that the vehicle may be leaving its lane, it gives the driver an audio alert and shows on this screen which side of the lane the vehicle is exiting.

If you would like to switch lanes, turning on the turn signal in the direction you would like to movie will prevent the Lane Depart Alert System from being activated.

Steering Assist

Equipped in some Toyota models, the Steering Assist feature works with the Lane Departure Alerts to help the driver navigate back to the center of their lane. When the alert is activated when your vehicle is going to depart from its lane, the Steering Assist system makes small, corrective steering measures for a short period of time, helping keep the vehicle in its lane.

Using the multi-information screen, you can turn the feature on and off as well as adjust this feature’s sensitivity and sway sensitivity, so that it will fit best with your driving.

If you’re interested in getting behind a model with these impressive features, feel free to contact us here at Don Jacobs Toyota, we’ll be happy to help you find the right model for you and your family.