We want to ensure everyone at Don Jacobs Toyota has been taking the necessary measures to keep customers, employees and our communities safe in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. We are confident our dealership continues to be safe for all as we remain open to serve you. We are closely monitoring this situation in the days and weeks to come, and we appreciate your support and patience as we continue to adapt to the ongoing and developing coronavirus pandemic.

    In support of efforts to contain and manage the spread of COVID-19, and to adhere to CDC recommendations, we understand many customers may feel the need to limit their physical interactions; with that in mind we’ll be increasing our support in other areas during this challenging time.

• Dealerships are happy to deliver your car to you
• Pick your car up if service is required.

• We are requiring all service technicians to change gloves between servicing customer vehicles to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
• All serviced and rental vehicles will be sanitized before and after customer and employee contact.
• Dealerships are sanitizing all customer surfaces and lounges.
• All high-touch areas are cleaned at least once per hour.

• To limit physical interaction for our employees and customers, employees will be greeting with a wave instead of a handshake.
• Any employees showing signs of illness are required to stay home.

    We’d like to remind all customers we have full-online support which includes online chat, email, as well as full customer service support through our customer support services lines; Sales, Service and Parts.

Sales: (855) 395-6317 • Service: (414) 281-3100 • Parts: (414) 635-6973
    Your business and more importantly your health remain our number one priority, as we manage this rapidly evolving situation, and we wish everyone good health in the days to come.

The Team at Don Jacobs Toyota