Toyota Entune Infotainment

February 24th, 2015 by

An Infotainment System Compatible With Both Apple and Android Devices

Though Toyota is an Apple CarPlay partner, they do not currently plan to start adding the system into any of their vehicles. Instead, drivers will continue to connect through the Entune infotainment system from Toyota. What’s nice about this system is that it not only is safe and easy to use, it is an infotainment system compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

There are a number of vehicles out there that currently have an infotainment system that is only compatible with one type of device or the other. And whether they are for an Android or Apple device, they currently can’t compete with the ease of use that comes with the Entune system from Toyota.

Other than allowing for conversational commands when using voice commands, the system also remains distraction free thanks to the ease of use. The system also comes with an App Suite, which allows you to customize your infotainment experience and add apps like Pandora so you don’t have to use all the data on your phone plan.

You can also connect your phone to the infotainment system thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. This way you can make hands free calls and respond to texts without ever having to take your eyes off the road. You can also connect an iPod at the same time with a USB or Auxiliary cable.

You’ll also have the benefit of a navigation system, without having to purchase something like a Garmin or rely on your phone. Not only can the system give you directions, it also gives weather and traffic updates and will give you options for routes to pick from.

The system also comes with a three-month free trial and if you pair it with the premium Entune system you will get to enjoy your satellite radio through high-quality JBL speakers. The Entune system has it all, which is likely why Toyota is happy to stick with it. As they say, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it.

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