5 ways to increase the fuel efficiency in your Toyota

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How to improve gas mileage in a Toyota
Fuel efficiency is a big part of the auto industry, since most drivers are looking for ways to get the most out of their vehicles. With more and more hybrid vehicles popping up on the market, some drivers are opting to switch to the more eco-friendly models, however, many drivers are sticking with the traditional gasoline engine. In that case, here are a few ways to improve the gas mileage in your Toyota vehicle.

With your Toyota vehicle, there are many things that you can do to improve its fuel efficiency. If you’re trying to get better gas mileage out of your vehicle, there are 5 tips and tricks that you can do, both while driving and not, that should help you improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Increase fuel efficiency while driving
Your Toyota’s fuel consumption depends greatly on how you drive. Driving at high RPMs and making frequent stops are just a few sources of bad gas mileage. Here are a few ways to remedy this issue.

How to improve gas mileage in a Toyota

1. Drive close to the speed limit

Your Toyota optimizes its fuel consumption around 55 and 65 mph, depending on the model. If you drive over these speeds, your vehicle may have a harder time getting the most out of your engine, so driving at or close to the speed limit is ideal from a fuel perspective.

2. Use your cruise control

When you’re driving on the highway, using your Toyota’s cruise control keeps it from making any sudden surges, which use up more fuel. This occurs when you press the gas pedal down. Cruise control works best on long, flat stretches of road, so you should avoid using it on hilly roads or in mountainous areas.

3. Don’t keep your car idling

If you know you’re going to be waiting in your car for more than a minute, turn off your car while you wait. This keeps your car from using fuel while idling.

4. Drive moderately

If you’re the type that likes to rev their engine, you may want to take it down a
How to improve gas mileage in a Toyotanotch. Revving your engine as well as making sudden stops and accelerations can really drain your Toyota’s fuel. While it’s okay to do these things when they’re necessary, it’s better not to make a habit of it. Instead, try to anticipate stops and gradually accelerate.

5. Avoid using All-Wheel-Drive when possible

All-Wheel-Drive is a great tool available in select Toyota model, designed to give you more control. This system is really only necessary when road conditions are bad, such as in the snow or rain, or while off-roading. If you’re just driving through town or on a dry highway, AWD is an unnecessary use of extra fuel.

By following these easy tricks while driving and making minor changes to your driving style, you should be able to easily increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. While results may be marginal, it really depends on what type of vehicle you have.

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