Show off your personal style in the right 2015 Toyota Prius

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2015 Toyota Prius color options

When you get behind the wheel of a Prius, it says a lot about you. It says that not only are you fiscally responsible and that you care about conserving natural resources. While those are great things to be associated with, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to express a little personal style along with your ride. For this reason, there is a multitude of 2015 Toyota Prius color options, designed to give you a Prius that matches your personal style.

With seven colors available for the Prius, ranging from bold to classic, there’s sure to be a color that appeals to every driver. Here at Don Jacobs Toyota, we have a selection of Prius models available in a variety of colors. If we don’t have the exact color you’re looking for in our inventory, let us know and we’ll be sure to notify you when it becomes available.

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The colors available for the 2015, shown below from left to right, include: Sea Glass Pearl, Nautical Blue Metallic, Winter Gray Metallic, Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Black and Barcelona Red Metallic.

Personalize your Prius

Whichever color you end up choosing still offers the distinct, urban styling associated with the Prius. Each color looks great with it versatile design and dark tinted windows. Whether you want a bold look, stylish and sophisticated or a mix of the two, you find it for the 2015 Toyota Prius.

If bold is what you’re going for, it doesn’t get better than the Barcelona Red Metallic and Nautical Blue Metallic. These colors give the Prius a bright look that’ll stand out from the rest as you zip through the streets.

Neutral colors stand out in their own right, but in a more subtle way. Colors like Sea Glass Pearl and Winter Gray Metallic give the Prius a modern look that many drivers are sure to appreciate. These are colors that appeal to drivers of all ages.[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_third_last”]winter gray metallic 2015 toyota prius[/bscolumns]

You can’t go wrong with the classics, and the same goes for car colors. While these color may not turn heads on their own, when paired with the unique styling of the 2015 Prius, the Black, Classic Silver Metallic and Blizzard Pearl color options create a look that’s always in style.

Most of these colors are available right here at Don Jacobs Toyota and are ready to drive off the lot. If we don’t have the color you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll be sure to contact you as they become available.

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of a 2015 Toyota Prius in the color of your choice, take a look at those in our inventory. Let us know if any of them catch your eye and we’ll be happy to schedule a test drive so you can experience its easy handling and impressive fuel efficiency in person.

Which of the 2015 Toyota Prius color options is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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